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As part of Q4’s ongoing commitment to the privacy and protection of our customers’ personal data, this page lists the subprocessors that we work with currently. An email address field is also provided below this list, which you can use to enter your email address to receive any updates made to this page.

Amazon Web Services, Inc.: Cloud computing and storage

SendGrid, Inc.: Email deployment

MailChimp: Email deployment, Inc.: Storage of client agreements & service order forms

The Streaming Network (O24): Webcasting and Conference Calling

Chorus Call: Webcasting and Conference Calling

Macropod Software Pty Ltd (BugHerd): Website Bug Tracking

FullStory, Inc.: Customer Data Experience Logging

Jotform, Inc.: Online form builder

Zendesk, Inc: Online Support Helpdesk platform

Dropbox: File Hosting and Cloud Storage

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