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More than 2,600 leading global brands, like Netflix, Starbucks, and Johnson & Johnson, use the Q4 Platform to power their Investor Relations websites and earnings events, as well as their CRM and analytics, to manage, report, and understand their engagement with the capital markets.

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Reimagine website management

Building a trusted and omnipresent digital destination is critical to amplifying your story. The Q4 Platform simplifies and accelerates delivering updates to your website with published changes in as little as 2 minutes through the Website Management app. Q4 websites offer:

  • Award-winning design

  • Fully-integrated analytics

  • Enterprise Security

  • SOC-2 Type 2 Certified

  • 99.9% uptime

  • SEC and GDPR-compliant

  • 24/7 customer service

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Streamline event management, preparation, and reporting

Event management through the Q4 Platform is built to optimize the planning, execution, and analysis of IR virtual event workflows. The Event Management app increases your control over your IR calendar, with one interface to define an event, saving your configuration for all future events and replacing lengthy communication threads with instant access to key event details and analytics. Q4 Events offer everything you need, such as:

  • Pre-event planning

  • Event production

  • Post-event measurement

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Simplify management of your earnings lifecycle

With a workflow built for precise, timely, and accurate earnings, the Q4 Platform offers a streamlined, cyber-secure environment for updates. Unparalleled security allows documents to be uploaded, previewed, and published with confidence in a seamless and centralized user experience to orchestrate every stage of earnings with ease.

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Build a complete view of investor engagement

Manage and elevate every touchpoint of your IR program with ease through the Q4 Platform. The Engagement Analytics application unlocks the power of this data in a single place, getting you to insights and action faster. Engagement analytics brings together analytics tied to your key performance indicators (KPIs) at both an aggregate and investor level, including:

  • Website analytics

  • Event analytics

  • Ownership & trading analytics

  • Engagement peer benchmarking

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Transform how and when to target investors

With the Q4 Platform identify investors, reveal leading indicators to their intent, and build long-term relationships. Build a proactive targeting strategy and prioritize engagements as you discover if existing shareholders are considering a bigger position, if a shift in strategy is bringing new investors to your story, or if you need to act on activism activity.

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