Corporate Access

Gain a competitive advantage in targeting and engaging the right investor, at the right time. In partnership with strategic investor relations advisory firm, Rose & Company (Rose & Co) experience a bespoke client-centric Corporate Access approach that connects CEOs with aligned institutional investors.

Maximize Investor Engagements with the Right Decision Makers

Experience a Fully Guided Investor Outreach Solution


Build a complete investor access strategy unique to your company profile with the support of a dedicated team of IR experts.


Identify the right investors by leveraging an unique approach of AI-powered targeting, augmented by the deep capital market experience of the Rose & Company team.


Secure meetings with the best asset managers, aligned to your strategic objectives. A dedicated team leverages a broad network of institutional investors to deliver on the right non-deal roadshow, investor day or conference meetings.


Improve engagements between management and investment decision-makers with the support of a white-glove service that guides participants through the entire meeting process. Maximize available C-Suite time with recommendations on the correct mix of on-site and virtual meetings.


Gain the advantage of continuous investor follow-ups to gauge sentiment and maintain dialogue. Investors are kept aware of client announcements and earnings reports, while follow-up meetings and phone calls are consistently facilitated.


Analyze the return of investor access efforts with post-meeting investor behavior analysis, as well as website and event analytics to measure the engagement and iterate on future meeting strategy.

"A changing landscape needs a new set of strategies and tactics. The constant is the need for independent perspectives from experienced capital markets professionals; professionals who hold themselves accountable to a higher standard and serve the interests of the client only."

Rose & Company

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