All science. No Art. Accuracy like never before.



Q4 Commitment

iris’ accuracy in predicting stock ownership is unheard of in the market. We provide our clients with a quarterly accuracy report and if we fall below our guaranteed 80 percent accuracy, ​​​​​​​our clients receive a rebate.

About iris

iris is an AI-engine for investor relations, which integrates machine learning, big data analytics and NLP to analyze and process high volumes of fragmented market data. iris is introducing unprecedented accuracy levels in shareholder ownership, driving improved investor engagement and shareholder quality, leading to lower volatility and higher multiples. Phase one of this ground-breaking technology is applied to Q4’s surveillance business in the United States.

How iris works

iris is a set of tools and algorithms that ingests and processes fragmented data from a broad range of sources. It then sifts through the noise to make sense of the data, and packages key information in a way that makes sense to the end user. The volume and speed of data processed is unmatched in today’s market. Its intelligence arms IR executives with actionable, real-time feedback, leading to better stakeholder communications, lower turnover and dampened volatilities, and ultimately, higher multiples.

iris is changing the game

With today’s markets more complex than ever before, public companies need to rely on the accuracy of their data and turn insight into action as quickly — and seamlessly — as possible. iris introduces a new level of confidence in stock surveillance and is driving value for public companies across the U.S.

Why iris?

  • New level of data accuracy with money back guarantee
  • Analyses both historic and real-time trading patterns, in conjunction with non-public settlement data, to provide the most accurate ownership predictions
  • Real-time monitoring of shareholder movements provides actionable intelligence around shareholding messaging, investor sentiment and market expectations
  • Deeper insights into trading dynamics, market structure analysis, short selling, sector rotations and trends
  • Confidence to push data upstream to c-suite and other stakeholders
  • Improved ROI on investor outreach

See iris in action.