Engagement Analytics: Alternative Data For IR

Built on Q4’s proprietary Capital Connect™ platform, Engagement Analytics provides the only way for modern IR teams to connect the dots across their own IR program’s performance, sector peers, and the overall market.

This revolutionary solution aggregates and brings meaning to the millions of digital investor interactions that take place across the capital markets including: IR website views, earnings call attendance, IR content downloads and IR PR content consumption.

In one application, you are immediately armed with unparalleled intelligence to: find and target the right investors, grow deeper relationships with current investors, report on the impact of IR strategy, benchmark performance against peers, and accelerate activism readiness.

Actionable Leading Indicators
For an Outperforming IR Strategy

Executing a proactive IR strategy can make all the difference for ensuring the market understands your organization’s investment proposition and cements your ability to confidently connect with quality investors.

Only Engagement Analytics can help IR get ahead by leveraging actionable leading indicators that represent the digital behavior of capital markets participants.

Uncover the activity and behaviors of potential investors, current shareholders, circling activists, and the IR performance of your peers to plan your next steps.

Accelerate meetings with institutional investors

Target New Investors with Confidence

Identify the interested investors visiting your IR website, downloading your IR content, opening your investor emails and attending your events to enhance strategic outreach informed by data.

Respond to activism earlier

Deepen Relationships With Current Investors

Uncover engagement levels of current shareholders through near real time insight to issue proactive and personalized communication at the right time.

Prioritize the Right Shareholders

Benchmark the Performance of Your Strategy vs Peers

Understand the performance of your IR program against peers as you compete for capital across sector and market cap groups.

Measure your strategic impact

Get Ahead of Activism Before You Get the Call

Identify investors with activist histories visiting your IR website, attending your events and consuming your content before they disclose their position.

Assess the Performance of Your Story

Measure Strategic Impact and Grow Your Investor Audience

Report on the performance and progress of your IR efforts by linking IR activities to share price movements and changes in targeted investor ownership.

Digital Investor Behavior Uncovered

Q4 is bringing never before seen intelligence to the modern IR team. With near real time digital investor behavioral tracking across all key IR communication channels, IR has never been in a better position to win in the capital markets.

Learn more about Engagement Analytics below:

Engagement Analytics Features

Success Platform Table
Starter Edition Base Edition
Q4 Website Clients Included Upgrade Available
Q4 Earnings Clients Included Upgrade Available
Q4 Desktop Clients Included
Analytics & Data
Website Visits
Web Downloads
Web Page Views
Average Web Session
Email Alerts
Earnings Registration
Earnings Attendance
Institutional Investors
Stock Performance
Most Engaged Investors
Institution Profile Pages
Activist Behavior Alert
Activist Details
Institutional Search
Institutional Monitoring
Institutional Contact Engagement
Sector-Level Benchmarking
Market-Capitalization Benchmarking
Institutional Benchmarking (Sector Level)
Engagement Digest Delivered to Email

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