Easily gauge investor sentiment and better understand how your company’s perceived in the marketplace.
Perception provides timely, actionable insight gathered directly from your investors following your earnings presentation so you know where you stand with your stakeholders.


Making the most of your analyst reports.

Tell the Right Story

With Q4 Perception, you’re able to effectively understand how your investors perceive your company post-earnings, enabling you to further refine your company’s messaging and strategy with help from the investment community.

Actionable Insights

Your Perception Report will be delivered as soon as possible following the Perception Survey, along with the raw data. The quick turnaround time allows IROs to quickly analyze and share quantitative data with the C-Suite, finance and other key constituents.

Integrated Survey

Q4’s standardized set of survey questions and multiple choice answers cover the important high-level information needed to assess the effectiveness of your earnings presentation.

Build Credibility

The investment community values being asked for its opinions and views, and conducting a perception audit is a clear indication of your management team’s interest in improving.

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