Relative Performance

What's driving the change in your stock price? Relative Performance delivers key insight into the contributing factors of stock price and volume performance to understand what's moving your stock.


What's driving your stock?

Q4 Relative Performance delivers key insight into the price and volume performance to allocate movements to your stock, industry, peers and the market. Relative Performance allows you to quickly and accurately distinguish company-related stock movements from market or industry movements; track past performance to unearth trends and patterns of stock movement; and be better equipped to compare daily volume changes to expected volumes.

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Uncover the driving factors behind your stock.

Gauge Your Performance

Having insight into the market drivers and volume contributions affecting your peers provides you with the knowledge to accurately evaluate your company’s performance, and see both the areas where you are excelling or lagging behind.

To Know the Future, You Must Understand the Past

Track past performance contributions to unearth trends and patterns of stock movement.

Understand Your Company's Market Standing

Gain a better understanding of market and industry movements that provide greater clarification into your own company’s market standing.

Reports Curated by Industry Experts

Just like the data found in traditional surveillance reporting, everything curated in the Relative Performance reports comes from our best-in-class analyst team. This ensures you are getting the absolute highest quality market data to help you stay on top of your peers in the market.

Stock Price Contributions

Understand what’s driving price movements to determine whether it’s you, the industry, your peers or the market.

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