Relative Performance

Q4 Relative Performance lets you evaluate the price and volume performance of your stock relative to your industry, peers, and the market. Be in the best position possible to inform your management team: distinguish company-related stock movements from market or industry movements, unearth trends and patterns, and compare daily volume changes to expected volumes.


Understand what’s driving price movement to determine whether it’s you, the industry, your peers or the market.

Measure success

See where you’re excelling and lagging behind: with insight on market drivers and volume contributions including company news, industry factors , and peer performance, you’re able to accurately evaluate your company’s performance.

Understand the past

Historical tracking provides insight into past performance contributions to unearth trends and patterns in your company’s stock movement.

Gain clarity

Gain a better understanding of market and industry movements that provide greater clarification on your own company’s market standing.

Industry expertise

Our best-in-class analyst team delivers the highest quality market data to help you stay on top of your peers in the market.