Shareholder Analysis

Q4 Shareholder Analysis empowers you to run the most successful, well-informed, and communicative IR program possible. With science and expertise from quantitative Ph.D. technologists, the industry’s most experienced team of e analysts, and former Wall St. traders, our robust charts and reports reveal changes and patterns within a shareholder base that were previously inaccessible. By weaving together our options intelligence, market intelligence, and analyst know-how, we provide teams with a complete view of their shareholder base and underlying drivers.


Q4 Shareholder Analysis empowers you with previously inaccessible knowledge that you can turn into action.

Know about change faster

Detailed reports provide the data detail you need to understand what’s going on in the market.

Experience on your side

Our analysts deliver the highest quality and most accurate shareholder analysis within the industry, providing you with all the intelligence you need to execute world-class investor relations programs.

Better transparency

Understand the quality of your buyers and sellers, and identify patterns and changes over time.

More actionable knowledge

Identify your top rated investors and top holders, and easily pinpoint activist investors.

Predictive insights

Understand the current trends for your stock and your peers, so you can understand movement relative to your industry.

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Q4 releases iris™, a new artificial intelligence engine for investor relations