AI Targeting

Powered by Q4 Desktop’s AI-engine, iris, AI Targeting leverages deep capital markets intelligence and machine learning capabilities to bring institutional investors and corporate issuers together. Through this innovative technology, IROs are empowered with accurate predictions around buy-side behaviors and tendencies, as well as the underlying driver impacting these investment decisions, streamlining your targeting efforts and dramatically improving your investor outreach ROI.



Q4 helps you accelerate your targeting efforts.

Personalized efforts

Our industry-leading AI Targeting scores deliver high-quality and accurate prospective investors to the forefront, ensuring your efforts are always effective and on point. You can count on us to put you and your C-suite in front of the right people, at the right time.

Targeting Heatmap

Q4 Desktop’s proprietary AI Targeting Heatmap provides a geographical visualization of where you’ll find the best bang for your buck when considering your next road trip. Optimize your NDRs, Conferences and other outreach efforts based upon where the highest concentration of high quality, ready-to-buy targets are currently geographically dispersed.

Increased ROI on outreach

By accurately predicting which firms or funds have the highest probability of purchasing and selling a given security within the next 90 day, you’re able to focus your attention and dramatically improve the efficiency of your outreach.

Share-price management

Volatility matters. And in today’s HFT, passive investment landscape, identifying and nurturing relationships with high-quality institutional investors is more paramount than ever. The real-time nature of AI Targeting enables you to foster relationships with the highest quality investors at precisely the right time. The end result is lower volatility, better shareholder stability and ultimately, higher multiples.

Find the best fit

The truly unique value behind AI Targeting is the combination of the real-time probability factors and Q4’s proprietary Quality Rating. Understanding which firms/funds are likely to buy your shares in the near-term is great but taking into account a quantitative assessment of the investor, based on such things as their: total assets under management, turnover history, style, portfolio characteristics, etc., enables you to focus solely on the investors who will add the most value and stability to your shareholder base.