Focus in on the highest quality targets and further your company’s strategic vision with Q4 Targeting. Leverage our proprietary Quality Rating and Purchasing Power algorithms to identify investors that will fund the next growth stage of your business. With quantitative analysis from our Ph.D. technologists and the qualitative acumen of the industry’s most experienced surveillance team, we provide you with the insights to mould your perfect shareholder base.


Q4 helps you accelerate your targeting efforts.

Shareprice management

Create a pool of potential investors that can help cushion volatile stock price movements. Shareprice management helps you develop and foster relationships with investors who will become shareholders in the future.

Personalized efforts

Our industry-leading analysts deliver high-quality, accurate targeting, ensuring your efforts are always effective and on point. You can count on us to put you and your C-suite in front of the right people, at the right time.

Find the best fit

Q4’s proprietary Quality Rating provides a quick assessment of the investor, based on their total assets under management, turnover history, and style, allowing you to focus on investors that will add value to your shareholder base.

Deeper insights into purchasing ability

Q4’s proprietary Purchasing Power algorithm provides visibility into institution and fund ability and willingness to purchase your stock, based on past behaviors and existing qualifications.