Trading Analytics

Q4 Trading Analytics leverages the options market to track stock sentiment and volatility, and deliver predictive insights on key trading metrics. The result: forward-looking actionable intelligence for IR and C-suite executives. Our team of experienced analysts mine for data within the options market to create datasets of quantifiable, forward-looking models of market expectation and sentiment over the coming days and weeks. These metrics provide IR professionals with insight into the market’s future outlook.


Q4 Trading Analytics introduces a new era of market intelligence. Powered by advanced mathematics, sophisticated algorithms, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications, our trading analytics provide unique insights into pricing behaviour and valuation.

Activist alarm

An industry first, our activist alarm indicates the presence of activist trading in your stock, and whether or not that activity is reaching an alarming level.

Key trading indicators

Track key predictive indicators to understand market expectations, investor sentiment, and relative performance drivers. Use options market data to gain predictive visibility into the stock price movement of your peers in the market.

Expected trading range

Anticipate future changes in stock price ahead of known and unknown events.

Predictive insights

Understand current trends for your stock and what’s driving movement, so you can remain proactive instead of reactive.