Web Analytics

Q4 Web Analytics provide detailed insights into who is accessing your IR website and their behavior. Infographics and interactive charting provide a quick snapshot of changing trends and the impact of news and events on your stock.


Turn insights into action.

Communicate More Effectively with Your Investor Audience

Q4 Web Analytics show you where your audience is going and the type of content they are after, helping you shape your communication effectively.

Monitor Audience Behavior

See where your audience goes when industry and company news breaks, and better understand how you can go from being reactive to proactive on your website.

Target Your Messaging

Q4 Web Analytics give you insight into both the institutions visiting your website and the location they are coming from. Use this information to target the area or institution either with online / phone campaigns or roadshows and take advantage of the sentiment.

What Drives Your Audience

See what is bringing traffic to your website. Whether it’s organic search or outside sources, ­ this gives you a huge indication into what your audience is looking for.

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