Web Analytics

Know your audience. Measure success. Communicate effectively. Using our powerful web analytics tools, you will know how your message is resonating with your audience. When you know who is reading your message and where they are coming from, you can proactively decide where to allocate your resources and switch up your strategy to deliver your message more effectively.


Our full suite of website analytics transforms data into action.

More effective communication

Know which messages are resonating — and which ones are not. When you can measure your success and areas of improvement, you can communicate more effectively with your audience.

Understand news trends

Know where your audience is getting their news, and be proactive with news dissemination on your own website.

Target the right people

Know which institutions are visiting your website, and where they are coming from — then target them with online/phone campaigns and visit them during roadshows.

Know your traffic sources

Know which pages are driving traffic to your website. When you know where your audience is coming from, you can be where they are with your messaging.