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A desktop that works the way you do.

Q4 Desktop is a fully integrated IR CRM and workflow platform that empowers you to monitor all components of your IR program using a single omni-channel solution. Our collaborative CRM allows you to seamlessly log and manage contacts, meetings, emails and notes while arming you for conferences and roadshows with interactive profiles and tear sheets. From briefing books and itineraries to live-updating stock commentary and predictive trading analytics, Q4 Desktop ensures you have all the tools and insights you need to make informed decisions and engage effectively with your investors.


All the IR tools you need in one unique platform.

Q4 desktop is the industry’s first market intelligence platform to house the essential communication and intelligence tools needed to run a successful IR program. Now with institutional quality insights on 30,000 equities trading on LSE, Euronext, NASDAQ OMX Nordic, NYSE, NASDAQ. Innovative targeting and CRM functionality with more than 250,000 global investor contacts and more than 200,000 global investment firm and fund profiles.

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The ultimate team player.

With Q4 Desktop you can track your meetings, emails, phone calls, road shows and conferences across all devices. Easily view historical and future interactions against our database of over 250,000 global IR contacts, or create your own contact. Use our calendar feature to improve collaboration among your team as you manage your database and generate reports, tear sheets and briefing books.

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Artificial Intelligence

A desktop that speaks your language.

Combining live-updating market analysis and commentary with our artificially intelligent algorithms, Q4 Desktop enables you to see how your company’s stock is performing relative to the market, your industry, and your peers in the language that makes sense to you.

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Tools & Services

Gain the ultimate team player.

With our integrated tools and services – such as chat, tagging, seamless activity logging, team notifications, and more – you can optimize collaboration among team members, ensuring that everyone has the information they need at their fingertips, at all times.

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Company Profile

Be in the know.

With Q4 Desktop, you can analyze stock and options order flow to anticipate near-term market sentiment, gain access to a quantifiable, forward-looking model of market expectations, see historical volatility scores, and evaluate the current level of risk associated with your company in the market.

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Investor Targeting

Maximize the return on investor outreach.

Accurately match issuers with qualified institutional investors at the firm and fund level. With seamless activity logging, exportable search data, printable tear sheets and briefing books, and comprehensive ownership activity, targeting the right investors for your business becomes easier and more accurate.

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Estimates and Research

Knowledge is key.

Understand how the sell-side views your company, peers, and industry. Access current, future, and historical consensus estimates for over 30 fundamental data line items and benchmark earnings results against the expectations of the investment community. Gain comprehensive broker-level research, recommendations, and revisions, plus sector-specific and commodity estimates.

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Shareholder Analysis

Look beneath the surface.

With Q4 Shareholder Analysis, you can easily track investor behaviour and stay one step ahead of any threats. See who holds your shares across equity listings at the institution and fund level. Understand the composition of your shareholder base by type, style, turnover, and more.

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Q4 Desktop on-the-go.

Q4 Desktop’s mobile app integrates its industry-leading CRM and intuitive workflow tools with the flexibility to access critical content and insights from anywhere, at anytime. Seamlessly log notes and create contacts while on-the-go. Understand what the market is telling you about your stock’s performance with live-updating and natural language commentary. Gain insight into investment background, approach and ownership information for any contact, institution or fund on your mobile device.

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