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Turn data into action

Waiting for traditional shareholder snapshots can leave you feeling at a disadvantage in understanding your beneficial investor list. To maximize the impact of your strategy, you need to be able to efficiently collect and analyze vast amounts of information from disclosure requests as well as share register lists, and transform them into visibility into your shareholder base. With Q4 Shareholder Identification, we empower you with an experienced team to elevate intelligence at your company with real understanding of the trends driving your business.

Build understanding of your beneficial shareholders

Build an impactful investor relations program by going beyond public filings and fund managers to connect trading activity to the correct asset managers.

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Go beyond public information

With the identity of shareholders often remaining opaque to pooled accounts and market-specific regulations you are only gaining a partial coverage of your shareholders. A true assessment of your shareholder composition requires weaving together data generated from intermediaries, direct investor disclosure and public filings for the insights you and your management team need.

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Gain visibility into your shareholder base

Gain a deeper understanding of your shareholders, with experienced analysis into trends in your shareholder composition. Understand who is positioned in your security, who is changing their strategy, and who needs extra attention from your investor relations program to drive better alignment to your compelling investment value.

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Respond to changes faster

The sooner you can accurately understand capital flows, the sooner you can adapt your strategy to what is impacting your valuation. By identifying stock lenders, borrowers, as well as short sellers, and quantifying their activities, you can proactively understand trading activities that require you and management to evolve your outreach and engagement.

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Attract the right investors

You need to prioritize management's time with the right investor meetings. Your strategy needs the right foundational knowledge on your underlying investment structure to chart a course to your future state. Lean on analysts who can proactively analyze your current shareholder mix as well as identify the right investors that can build the optimal, long shareholder composition for your company.

Q4 Shareholder Identification benefits

A team of industry experts uncover trends, provide insights, and deliver
actionable observations on your beneficial investor list.

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Identify Beneficial Investors

Acquire clarity in shareholder composition by leveraging a comprehensive Q4 network of custodians, brokers and contacts for disclosures.

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In-Depth Reporting

Add understanding to your business with broader market data, share price performance and peer ownership changes layered upon your investor lists.

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Movement Insights

Get answers to management questions on shareholder composition, abnormal trading activities and factors impacting valuation.

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World Class Support

Partner with an experienced team, dedicated to extending your strategic impact with insights and analysis tailored to your investor relations approach.

Want to learn more about how Q4 can transform your investor relations workflow?