Tools & Feeds

Empower your shareholders with our custom-built, embeddable IR tools. Analyze, interpret, and download key financial information, through up-to-date trade activity, interactive charts, and a comprehensive overview of your share price. Our platform is home to a full suite of tools and feeds that make it easy to to communicate critical stock information to your shareholders.


Tools and feeds are the always-on feature of your website: stay connected with your investors at all times with live website features that are constantly updating with the latest information about your stock.

Mobile friendly

Checking investment updates is finally just one swipe away. Instant alerts about company announcements, press releases, and changes to share price are always mobile friendly.

Simplified data

Present financial data in a clear and intuitive format. All our financial tools and services are tailor-made to blend in with your corporate website design, so that your users enjoy a seamless experience.

24/7 customer support

We are constantly monitoring our servers and data feeds so you don’t have to, and we guarantee the delivery of accurate and reliable information. With 24/7 customer support, we are able to react promptly to urgent matters.

Always online

Our modern cloud-based operating system ensures that our services are always online, even in worst-case situations.

Benchmark performance

Measure your company's performance against your peers. Compare your company to your peers and a list of predefined indices, and obtain an overview of your key metrics.


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Q4 releases iris™, a new artificial intelligence engine for investor relations