The Sell-Side’s Shifting Role

The last several years have posed a variety of challenges for the sell-side. Fee compression, changing investor preferences and regulatory requirements, to name a few. These changes have negatively impacted the way in which the sell-side is compensated for its role.

Coupled with the intensifying risk of disintermediation as corporate issuers and buy-side investors increasingly identify, connect, and communicate with one another directly, the sell-side faces considerable and numerous risks.

Thriving at the Heart of Capital Markets Evolution

Thriving at the Heart of Capital Markets Evolution

The same changes caused by the ongoing evolution of the capital markets provide significant potential for the sell-side as well. Even as we continue to adjust to an ever-changing world, the volume and sophistication of digital engagement continues to grow. At Q4, we anticipate a hybrid scenario going forward, with the assertion that those who participate in corporate access roles have a significant opportunity to drive the ongoing growth of digital engagement.

As a fully integrated digital solution for capital markets experiences, Q4 is uniquely positioned to partner with the sell-side to create, manage, host, and analyze those events, reinforcing your central role at the heart of the capital markets digital ecosystem.

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