Connect investors with your ESG story

With the rise of responsible investing, ESG now plays a highly critical role in investors’ decision-making. In turn, IROs must recognize the importance of an impactful ESG narrative. By hosting virtual ESG events, you can showcase your company’s strides in social impact, sustainability, and governance through a captivating virtual experience.

Partner with Q4 to inform and influence the investment community, employees, and other stakeholders through an elevated and sustainable virtual ESG event. Q4 combines technology solutions purpose-built for Investor Relations with an Events team dedicated to your success so you can confidently communicate your ESG impact to a captured audience.

Q4 ESG Days

Hosting an ESG Day can position your company as a compelling investment opportunity, by introducing investors to your dedicated efforts toward environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Managing over 4,400 annual IR and capital market events, our Events team works with you to produce premium events. Boost confidence via ESG narratives, connect social impact insights, and engage stakeholders through branded virtual events, video streaming, Q&A, ESG resources, and polling.

Host sustainable events that align with strategy

Host sustainable events that align with your strategy

Translate the same enthusiasm and thoughtful engagement of physical events to digital events without the heavy carbon footprint. Connect with your investors and share compelling stories around topics like social impact and sustainability with reduced event footprint and the elimination of travel-based emissions.

Focus on your ESG story

Focus on your ESG story

Combining the Q4 Platform and a dedicated team, event planning, and management is simplified and centralizedso you can focus on shaping your ESG narrative and influencing your investors. With events analytics and attendee insights, you can be well-equipped to mold your ESG communications strategy post-event.

Q4 ESG Events features

Industry-leading support

  • Dedicated event manager
  • Events analytics and feedback
  • Speaker training
  • Fully guided setup, testing and execution

Customized experience

  • Multi-presenter video streaming
  • Reliable audio
  • Integrated slides and multimedia
  • Branded console
  • Configurable registration page
  • Downloadable resources

Secure processes

  • Password protected authorization
  • Email domain filtering
  • Custom attendee approvals

Ready to bring visibility to your ESG efforts?