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Increase the effectiveness of your investor relations program

Busy IROs don’t have the time to manage inefficiencies. You need a single solution that simplifies your workflow and integrates all of your analytics, monitoring tools, and relationship management functionality in one easy-to-use platform. Built to mirror your workflow, Q4 CRM makes it easy to build a successful Investor Relations program, demonstrate its impact, and measure the success of your investor outreach efforts.

The only IR CRM powered by investor behavior tracking

Most IR CRMs focus on just being better. Q4 CRM helps modern IR teams transform and simplify the day-to-day management of their IR programs so that they can be more strategic. Experience the difference of having an unparalleled 360 degree view of your organization’s capital markets presence at your fingertips.

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Manage investor interaction with only a few clicks

Q4 CRM simplifies and streamlines how you manage investor interaction data. Eliminate disorganized and fragmented meeting notes in notebooks or excel, individual investor interaction histories, or contact information. With Q4 CRM, IR teams immediately gain access to an organized, searchable and actionable capital markets contact database that saves time and eliminates administrative load.

Bring Insight to Shareholder Activity Image

Bring insight to shareholder activity

Target and onboard the right investors through an in depth understanding of your shareholder composition, institutional profiles, buying and selling trends and by knowing which investors are paying most attention to your investment proposition.

Deliver Personalized Investor Communication at Scale Image

Deliver personalized investor communication at scale

Forge higher impact capital market relationships through a personal touch. Communicate directly with potential investors, shareholders, and analysts from inside the Q4 IR CRM, eliminating duplicative efforts and the need for multiple email tools.

Report on Impact to Leadership Image

Report on impact to leadership

With 62% of board meetings requiring insights into investor behavior, reporting is critical to showing the ROI of IR. Q4’s IR CRM aggregates the data generated by your IR program activities, stock performance, shareholder composition, and investor engagements to simplify IR reporting back to your company’s leadership.

Workflows tailored to your strategy Image

Put your IR program in the palm of your hand

Q4 is enabling modern IR teams to access the entirety of their IR program from the palm of their hand with the mobile app, Q4 Go. Starting with a tailored CRM mobile experience, always be ready for your next investor meeting and never be at loss for where to log meeting notes on the road.

Ready to streamline your Investor Relations
workflow on the Q4 Platform?

All the IR tools you need are available on the Q4 Platform to help you make data-driven decisions and improve your program’s ROI.

Target and attract quality investors
Drive stakeholder collaboration
Understand shareholder composition
Track market performance
Report to management with actionable insights
Measure your IR program’s results

Q4 CRM Features

Innovative IR CRM

  • 320,000 global contacts
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use CRM
  • Deal pipeline management
  • Board report builder
  • Q4Go Mobile App
  • Localize currency in USD, GBP, EUR, NOK, SEK, DKK, CHF based on security trading location

Enhanced Targeting Workflow

  • Engagement Analytics
  • Website and events analytics
  • Advanced investor search
  • Contact-level targeting
  • AI targeting
  • AUM and purchasing power
  • Sector and peer insights

Investor Relations Market Intelligence

  • Ownership
  • Sentiment and volatility
  • Trading analytics
  • Relative performance
  • Estimates & research
  • Activism

Personalized Email Outreach at Scale

  • Direct email integration and linking
  • In product email composing
  • Message personalization
  • Automatic tracking in CRM contacts

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Ya Yun Chen
Coordinator, Investor Relations & Communications

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