Engagement Analytics

Built on the Q4 Capital Connect™ platform, Engagement Analytics collects visitor behavior from across your website, earnings calls, and other digital engagements and correlates that to ownership data and stock price. In one application, you can report on the impact of your strategic touchpoints with the capital markets, identify new or targeted investors evaluating your story, or accelerate your response to activism.

Prioritize the Right Engagements at the Right Time

Shifting towards a proactive outbound workflow amplifies your message, connects you with investors sooner, and drives the right shareholder composition. However, building a forward-looking strategy requires the right tools. You need innovative technology to understand investor intent earlier in their decision making. Only the Engagement Analytics application can aggregate leading indicators from across your digital landscape, visualize investor behavior, and accelerate your path to meeting the right investor sooner.

Q4 Capital ConnectTM

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Accelerate meetings with institutional investors

Accelerate Meetings with Institutional Investors

Identify new or targeted institutions visiting your website or attending your earnings call and accelerate outreach to drive engagements at the moment they express interest.

Respond to activism earlier

Respond to Activism Earlier

By identifying activist investors on your digital properties, understand what they are assessing and accelerate management preparation before surveillance reports or 13-F filings.

Prioritize the Right Shareholders

Prioritize the Right Shareholders

Shareholders with resources to increase their position are critical to your targeting strategy. Evaluate shareholder behavior across your digital landscape to identify who needs increased attention.

Measure your strategic impact

Measure your strategic impact

As you launch initiatives such as ESG, report on the performance of your sustainability themed websites and events, and identify if impact-focused investors are listening.

Assess the Performance of Your Story

Assess the Performance of Your Story

As you evolve your narrative to position your value against the right peer group, evaluate if aligned investors are responding to your message, what assets are performing and how you need to enhance your message.

Foundational Steps of Behavioral Analytics

You’ve heard the term behavioral analytics or engagement analytics, and you've probably begun to consider how it benefits you as a capital markets professional. But have you ever wondered how to "do" behavioral analytics? At Q4, we believe its adoption across the markets has the profound potential to connect us in ways we haven't yet seen. But we also understand that it's a process that requires the orderly, sequential completion of a few foundational steps to fulfill its transformative potential. This infographic outlines the main stages in the behavioral analytics journey ahead.

Engagement Analytics Features


Website Analytics

  • Visits
  • Downloads
  • Page views
  • Average session
  • Bounce rate
  • Email alerts

Event Analytics

  • Registration
  • Attendance


Overlay Impactful Data

  • Institutional Investors
  • Ownership (13-F)
  • Stock performance
  • Activist profiles (Factset)
  • Press release publication


Prioritize Engagements

  • New investors
  • Target investors
  • Shareholders
  • Activists

Q4 can help you assess your current situation and strategize how to move forward.