Transformation of the Capital Markets
Creates Unique Opportunity for IROs

Your ability to identify, attract, retain, and nurture relationships with valuable stakeholders has never been so critical. You must deeply know and successfully articulate value for your investors, potential investors, and sell-side colleagues with far greater accuracy than ever before. While digital transformation is nothing less than a requirement, it’s one that provides a phenomenal opportunity for IROs as well. Interested in learning how?

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Virtual Engagement Continues to Expand

The significant disruption we’ve seen in the capital markets over the last several decades continues to mount. In addition to fee compression, regulatory hurdles, and limited corporate access trends, we’ve entered a period of market uncertainty with rising interest rates, lower company valuations, and a slowdown in IPOs. Additionally, the seismic shift to more virtual work environments has accelerated the expansion of virtual engagement. In this environment, elevated digital connections are not only an opportunity, but also a requirement for success.

Virtual Engagement Continues to Expand

The Evolving Digitization of the Capital Markets

Even though our evolving digital interactions allow us to create and collect more data than ever before, we’ve not yet fully realized its benefit. Data essential to solving our most formidable hurdles often remains siloed and unusable.

The Evolving Digitization of the Capital Markets


For IROs, the growing shift away from relying solely on investment banks to source potential buy-side investors has necessitated a move to more of a sales and marketing approach to their investor engagement strategy. Many corporate issuers must now augment their sourcing efforts with proactive, outbound, direct-to-investor approaches. However, the predictive insights necessary to identify patterns and sentiment within their shareholder base can be incomplete or inaccurate, making it a challenge to strategically identify and target the appropriate potential buyers and sellers of their shares.


For the sell-side, the ability to make strategic connections between a myriad of corporate issuers and potential buy-side investors remains an essential function of the market, but a confluence of forces is intensifying the risk of disintermediation as both corporate issuers and buy-side investors seek ways to connect directly through digital channels.


For institutional investors, the shift to identifying and engaging directly with the right corporate issuers continues to gain momentum, intensifying the ongoing challenge to connect their capital with the right issuer. More than ever before, investors must find, parse, and interpret corporate value in a largely digital environment where information is not consistently standardized or centralized.

Q4 Platform, the Next Generation Capital Markets Communication Platform

Q4 Platform, the Next Generation Capital Markets Communication Platform

Q4 Inc. introduces Q4 Platform … the next generation digital platform, enabling corporate issuers, their banking advisors, and investors to discover and engage with each other more efficiently and effectively throughout the end to end capital markets communication cycle.

Q4 Platform is the latest in innovative digital solutions from Q4, connecting issuers, advisors and investors more seamlessly and easily than ever before. It's much more than the sum of its parts. It not only incorporates all the functionality you’ve come to expect from Q4 programs, but it also connects critical data sets across our solutions. In fact, Q4 Platform is the only holistic digital capital markets platform that captures, stores, integrates, and analyzes performance data across your end-to-end workflow, including your websites, events, and CRM data. Paired with market activity data from external sources, our platform is the first of its kind to use behavioral analytics to form the predictive insights necessary to identify the leading indicators that drive stock performance, value, and stability.

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