Q4 Customer FAQs in response to COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Will there be impacts to Q4 services?
    We do not anticipate disruptions to our operations as a result of the Coronavirus. Our communications and intelligence products are cloud-hosted with redundancy across geographic regions. As well, our teams are set up to work remotely, and we have redundancies across our offices and critical team-members should any location be impacted. We have been testing our work from home policy and are confident that this situation will not hinder normal operations here at Q4.

  2. What actions have you taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?
    Q4 is following CDC and WHO recommendations on hygiene to prevent infection and is actively taking steps to ensure the safety of our teams and the continuity of our operations. As of today, we have implemented a work from home policy, implemented a travel ban, effective immediately, and prohibited attendance at large industry-related gatherings. We will continue to monitor the pandemic closely and provide an update on any additional policies we put in place to respond to COVID-19.

  3. Are any of your office locations at risk of closure?
    Q4’s offices in Toronto, London, New York, Copenhagen, and Hamilton are not at risk of closure; however, we are proactively mandating that our staff work remotely to mitigate any potential risk.

  4. What contingencies are in place for mass absenteeism?
    Given our mandate for remote work, we do not anticipate mass absenteeism; however, we have a contingency plan in place ie. building redundancy into our staffing, should this happen. We have had disaster preparedness and business continuity plans in place for events such as natural disasters and pandemics for some time, and we designed our business to withstand these occurrences with minimal impact to you and your teams.

  5. What about any Third Party Vendors used?
    Q4 requires all critical third parties to have redundancy and continuity of service prior to engagement with Q4. Critical third party vendors have been reviewed and their existing redundancy of services and business continuity plans have been deemed sufficient.