Drive smarter insights and faster workflows with the Q4 Platform

The latest Q4 Platform release includes innovative enhancements that will continue to deliver seamless workflows, analytics and insights — all in one place.

Where the market connects

Connections across the capital markets have long been challenged by legacy technology and reactive engagements, leading to low valuations for public companies and limited ROI for investors. The Q4 Platform realizes a new and integrated experience. IROs centralize their workflows in one platform for seamless planning, execution, and analysis of their communication channels, while investors and analysts now have streamlined access to the companies in their portfolio.

Connect with insights from across the capital markets

With the Q4 Platform, all data generated by investors and analysts across an investor relations program can be aggregated alongside shareholder analytics for insights that can shape faster and more efficient communications. Proprietary data including website visits, event attendance, meetings and shareholder insights are now aggregated with capital markets data to accelerate how quickly the right story connects with the right investors.

IR Website


IR Events


Ownership & Trading Data

Ownership Data

Shareholder Analytics


Build a complete view of investor engagement

Manage and elevate every touchpoint of your IR program with ease through the Q4 Platform. The Engagement Analytics application unlocks the power of this data in a single place, getting you to insight and action faster.

Build a complete view of investor engagement

Transform how and when to target investors

With the Q4 platform identify investors, reveal leading indicators to their intent, and build long-term relationships. Build a proactive targeting strategy and prioritize engagements as you discover if existing shareholders are considering a bigger position, if a shift in strategy is bringing new investors to your story, or if you need to act on activism activity.

Transform how and when to target investors

Streamline event management, preparation, and reporting

Event management through the Q4 Platform is built to optimize planning, execution, and analysis of IR virtual event workflow. The Event Management app increases your control over your IR calendar, with one interface to define an event, saving your configuration for all future events and replacing lengthy communication threads with instant access to key event details and analytics.

Streamline event management, preparation, and reporting

Reimagine website management

Building a trusted and omnipresent digital destination is critical to amplifying your story. The Q4 Platform simplifies and accelerates delivering updates to your website with published changes in as little as 2 minutes through the Website Management app.

Reimagine  website management

Simplify management of your earnings lifecycle

With a workflow built for precise, timely, and accurate earnings the Q4 Platform offers a streamlined and cyber-secure environment for updates. Unparalleled security allows documents to be uploaded, previewed, and published with confidence in a seamless and centralized user experience to orchestrate every stage of earnings with ease.

Simplify management of your earnings

This is just the beginning.

Built on proprietary data, and an ever-increasing portfolio of digital communication solutions, the Q4 Platform is a scalable platform that will continue to expand to an increasing number of applications for Investor Relations, as well as key workflows for investors and investment banks.

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