With the proprietary Q4 Surveillance platform, monitoring shareholder holdings and understanding trading activity has never been easier – or more precise. Combining the science of quantitative Ph.D. technologists, the most experienced team of surveillance analysts in the industry and insights from former Wall Street traders, our robust charting and detailed reports illuminate previously hard-to-see changes and patterns within a shareholder base – empowering IROs to more precisely refine the company’s investment thesis, not to mention its target criteria.


Turn insight into action.

Q4 Surveillance provides you with detailed updates of movements in your stock to understand which institutions are buying or selling shares and to identify trends in the market, as well as changes and patterns in historical ownership.

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Daily Reports

Insight delivered daily.

Morning Coffee

Earnings Alert

Options Alert

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Weekly Reports

Robust charting and detailed reports delivered weekly.

High quality, board level reporting

Detailed trading activity and market moving developments

Price and volume data for your company and designated peer/industry group

Hand crafted market and company specific commentary relating to trading and settlement data

Analysis of institutional movement within your company’s common stock

Hedge fund activity and commentary

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Monthly Reports

Customized monthly reporting.

Clean and concise format creating symmetry across the program

Price and volume performance

Performance vs. major averages

Extensive peer analysis

Short Interest – data & charting

Top buyers and sellers

Institutional holders analysis – turnover/style

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Next gen surveillance... at your service.

A New Twist on Transparency

Understand the quality of your buyers and sellers and identify patterns and changes over time.

Knowledge is Power

Identify your top rated investors, top holders and easily pinpoint activist investors.

360 Surveillance

Our proprietary models and algorithms empower IR teams to effectively engage stakeholders and manage near-term expectations. By weaving together our options Intelligence, market intelligence and analyst know-how, we are able to provide teams with a complete view of what has happened with their stock to get them to a specific point, how their investors currently feel about that performance and where it’s likely to be going in the future.

Experience Matters

Our analysts deliver the highest quality and most accurate surveillance data within the industry, providing you with all the intelligence you need to execute world-class investor relationship programs.

Know About Change Faster

Detailed daily, weekly and monthly reports provide the data detail you need to understand what’s going on in the market.

Predictive Insights

Understand the current trend for your stock and what’s driving movement.

Real-time, actionable intelligence

Get real-time answers to burning questions surrounding institutional trading, stock price fluctuations, relative performance and valuation from the most experienced team of analysts in the industry.

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Q4 Acquires CapMark Clarity to Bring Next Gen Shareholder ID and Market Intelligence Solutions to UK and European Markets