IR Success Platform


Your IR partner in a changing landscape.

The rise of new technologies, along with a constantly changing regulatory landscape are disrupting today’s capital markets. But while the scope of the IR role has expanded, in most cases, resources and budgets haven’t increased. You’re being asked to do more with less. We believe that by working with the right partner and arming yourself with the right technology, you can overcome these challenges, to drive strategic value and “take a seat at the table.” Q4’s new IR Success Platform is designed to help IR teams, of all sizes and shapes, optimize processes and run impactful programs.

IR Success PlatformWork smarter. Not harder.

We recognize that no two IR teams are the same, and therefore, your needs also differ. With our IR Success Platform, we match you with the right technology and customer support, based on your own unique objectives and challenges. We have you covered, from website design and webcasting, to CRM, market intelligence and surveillance, and everything in between.

How the IR Success Platform works.

With Q4, you have the services and technology you need to achieve your objectives and deliver strategic impact to your company.


If your focus is on website and/or webcasting services, you’ll be matched with an IR lead and 24/7 Support Desk to help you build and manage a best-in-class IR website and/or ensure that your earning webcasts are stress-free and seamlessly executed.


When you integrate our CRM into your program, you will be paired with a dedicated IR Manager (IRM) to handle all of your changes and updates directly. Your IRM acts as an extension of your team helping you run your daily program, from building board reports, to managing roadshows and logging CRM notes.


When you leverage our CRM and intelligence services, you’ll also experience the white-glove support of a team led by an IR Partner (IRP), a seasoned ex-IRO. Your IRP works closely with you to analyze and drive your strategic value, helping you design and execute a world-class IR program that meets your key objectives including dedicated support for your full earnings-cycle, Analyst Days, and strategic announcements, as well as regular insights into the capital markets and macroeconomic sentiment, along with industry and regulatory trends.

4 Ways the IR Success Platform helps you succeed.

  • Reduce your workload and streamline your processes
  • Build a robust ownership base and target the right investors
  • Improve your visibility and engagement with your investors and Board
  • Drive stronger valuation relative to your peers

Do more with less.

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